April 2 marks the beginning of 
Handmade with Purpose.

Over 20 handmade shops and blogs have joined together to give back.
During the month of April 2011 each of the participating shops 
will be donating proceeds to the charity of their choice.

Please help us give back by:
-buying handmade goods from participating shops
-sponsoring participating blogs
-donating to designated charities
-spreading the word on your blog, Facebook, or Twitter {#handmadewithpurpose}
-visit our blog, Handmade with Purpose, to receive updates and future information

Handmade with Purpose:

Christopher and I have always said that we may not have money to give right now in our lives but we can give our gifts. So here I am excited to give in a way I can! So if you feel led to help this precious, incredible family...send me an email!

"The best thing to do with money is to give it."


How beautiful is this child? 
Anyone wanting to help this precious family out can commission me to do a piece and 20% of the proceeds will go to the Anderson's. ( just email me and specify that you are commissioning through handmade with purpose for the Anderson crew)

(click button to go to my website)

Check out their beautiful blog and read about why they chose ethiopia here

They have their sweet Elsa home as of last week so any money made through handmade with purpose will help them get adjusted to her homecoming and having a family of 5 kiddos!